4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Accent Lighting To Your Space

4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Accent Lighting To Your Space


Transforming a space when you’re on a budget can be intimidating. Or perhaps you’re stumped by the challenges that come with creating an atmosphere in a small space or a space that seems to live in limbo, never quite finished. One of the easiest ways to update your space without a hefty price tag is to look at how adding an accent lamp or two can add drama while creating a warm, comfortable ambiance in your home. These 4 tips can help you add accent lighting to your home in a unique way without sacrificing your next paycheck or hiring an electrician.

The Power of the Lightbulb
Accent lighting doesn’t have to be limited to bedside table lamps. This tip is even renter-friendly as it doesn’t require any major adjustments to your existing lighting fixtures. Perhaps your home came with a questionably vintage bathroom overhead light that’s difficult to replace. Adding a decorative bulb– such as a vintage Edison bulb can transform the fixture from a relic of your dorm room days to a unique focal piece. You can also spend time focusing on the general lighting of your home. Would you prefer a warmer ambient glow? Try using a bulb with 2,700-3000 Kelvin. Want to add an unexpected pop to a corner? Try a stained-glass bulb which adds personality without an investment.

Where You Least Expect It
One of the simplest ways to illuminate a space is to focus on your features. How can adding lighting accentuate what you already have? Bookshelves are a perfect opportunity for elevating the brightness of your space. Adding an LED strip to the shelves of your bookcase brightens up the space, adding glow to the overall ambiance while drawing focus to your prized collection or curated knick-knacks. If your shelf has more room for display, consider options like a Himalayan salt lamp or a funky-shaped, miniature accent lamp as a bookend.

Not Your Grandma’s Accent Lamp
Sometimes you have a lot of horizontal space to fill and an accent lamp is just the trick to brighten the room and add a focal point to the design of your space. The key to keeping the addition of accent lamps affordable is to find a lamp base that speaks to the design element you are trying to convey. Adding a mid-century modern gourd lamp can add color and elevate the design of a contemporary living room. If your home has more of a farmhouse or coastal feel, adding a hammered or recycled glass lamp base can add an airy, light feel to the room. The fun part of focusing on finding accent lamps that you love is the flexibility to change the shades as you need or want, keeping costs minimal, but affording maximum creative freedom.

Function Meets Form
One of the best parts of using lighting to amplify and illuminate your space is that it combines the best of both worlds– where function meets form. Gone are the days that reading lamps clip to your headboard and radiate an unflattering glow throughout the room. You can find function in adding a slim, minimal reading lamp to a side table or a sun lamp to a bedroom dresser while not sacrificing your style. There are many modern, contemporary designs for functional lighting that are sure to amplify your space while providing the benefits desired. 

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