Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Choosing a Ceiling Fan is about function and design.

With summer just around the corner, you want to be cool but not over use your air conditioner.  Adding a ceiling fan to a room is a great way to help cool down the area while making just a small impact on the electric bill.  Several factors go into choosing the right fan for the location.  

First is the location of the space. Ceiling fans are built for both outside and/or inside locations.  An outdoor space such as a covered porch is perfect for an fan designed to be used outside. While an outside fan may be used indoors, an indoor fan will warp and is an electrical hazard when used outside. 

The size of the fan is also an important consideration. You need to have the clearance around all sides of the blades to be 18” to 24”.  Keeping this in mind, the bigger the room the larger the fan should be. Here’s a table to help:

Room Size: Fan Size: 

Up to 50 sq ft 24” to 29”

75 to 100 sq ft 30” to 42”

150 to 225 sq ftup to 72”

There are larger fans if needed, or you can go with multiple fans in the space, just remember the clearance.

Another item to keep is mind is the height clearance. While more space between the ceiling and the blades will provide better air circulation, a certain amount of room to walk under the fan is needed, too.  You will need to keep the fan blades at least 7 feet above the floor.  This would mean in a room with an eight foot ceiling, you would need to use a flush mount fan. Flush mount fans “hug” the ceiling.  For taller wall heights you will want a down rod type of fan. Multiple rod lengths are available, and there can be more than one rod connected.  For slanted ceilings, most down rod mounts are adjustable to the slope.

Next point of choosing is style and function. Here is where the fun comes in!  Styles range from traditional to industrial.  Blade shapes include leaf shapes reminiscent of the film Casablanca, sleek curved blades, and blades covered by a protective cage.  You will also find a variety of lighting options that can be added to the fan if you choose.  Operation of the fan can be done by the pull chain method, remote control, or wall switch. Some fans come with the ability to control them using a Wi Fi  connection to your smart phone or thermostat. 

Enjoy looking at the variety of fans available and choosing a style to fit your decor and needs. We recommend you include our affiliate stores, Hansen Wholesale and Amazon in your search for the perfect fan.

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