Fire Pit Season is near!

Fire Pit Season is near!

Spring’s Warmer days and Cooler nights are  perfect for enjoying a Fire Pit in the yard.   No Camping necessary!   Many options are available in both design and material, including cast iron, steel, clay or stone.  Some are round, some square, some wood burning and some with other fuels.  

Remember to keep Safety First!

  1. Keep Children and Pets safe and well supervised. 
  2. Remember to keep the fire pit away from, over hanging trees and roofs.   Also place the pit a safe distance from buildings, plants and other burnable items.
  3. Keep a fire extinguisher, water/sand bucket, or fire blanket near.
  4. Be sure to completely put out the fire when you are finished enjoying it.
  5. Check the wind before lighting the fire, both speed and direction.

Choosing a type of Fire Pit will involve deciding on a fuel type, wood or propane are the most common available.  Shape is another consideration, and of course material.  Here are a few of the many from which to choose.

This first one is a  free standing wood fueled pit made of iron. 

If you want to be able to cook on the fire, choose one with a BBQ grill feature such as this one.

This is a propane fueled option that converts to a table when not in use.

Here is a cast stone, wood burning one with a grill.

Add a Fire Pit to your yard, garden or patio to warm up the chilly spring evenings . Whatever style or type you choose, we hope you enjoy!

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