Home Accents Your Guests Are Sure To Admire

Home Accents Your Guests Are Sure To Admire


Your home is your sanctuary. It should feel welcoming and comfortable, but not everyone knows how to get that “straight-from-the-magazine” look when decorating. Whether you are a new homeowner or want to do some renovations, you can achieve that look. Here are some tricks in the trade for accentuating your space:

1. Make it personal
The first trick is no trick at all! Whether you want a touch of the transitional- earth colors with bold greens or keep it modern- symmetrical furnishings with elegant accents, go for it! Your styles will keep you in check when you are decorating your home. Please do not throw out your quirky pieces. Build a story around them.

2. Go against the grain.
You will never know what works well together if you don’t try them. Traditionally, the color palette for homeowners did not venture past “white” or “cream.” Today you are encouraged to seek non-traditional, compatible colors. Dare to contrast different textures, different colors. Have your rugs scream red, and your curtains scream back in blue. The result you will get is lively cohesion.

3. Your bed is your refuge.
If you get lost in the world of home accents, start simple- white. You can layer in colors when you have white as a base. Use vibrant colors and slowly fade in matching shades. Go bold and make your bed into a canopy. Choose to drape it or not. Whatever you do, stick with what you love.

4. Potted plants
Take a part of the outdoors inside your home with regal-looking plants. There are miniature cacti and varying plant succulents that add a touch of nature to your space. When you use decorative pots as accent pieces, you capture the eyes of your house guests.

5. Texturize
Add different texture throws to your sofa, chairs, cushions, and even your rugs for a tactile daydream. You want your space to be as comfortably welcoming as possible.

6. Nail the wall-art
Increasingly, the world of home accents is leaning heavily on art to make a room statement. You can use your art or that of your children to create visually stimulating home decor. Go for pieces that are unique and splurge on your interests.

7. Did you say paint?
Paint is a sure-fire way of transforming your space. Use compatible colors to recreate a room. Paint an accent wall for focus and maybe use wallpaper to add different textures to your room.

8. Try levitating
Space may be an issue for your cramped apartment or the man-cave you mean to build in the basement. If you utilize your space by making floating shelves or storage spaces, you can check that from your list of worries.

9. DIY
Yes, do it yourself! A DIY piece is one of the oldest tricks in decorating. There is nobody else in this world who will have an article that you created yourself. Be accepting of the flaws in your artwork when you make it. The imperfections add to the mystery and uniqueness of it.

10. Do less to achieve more.
Never overdo it. Pull back on the heavy-handedness you are so used to and allow a plain brown table to sit in the middle of your dining room. That way, you can “dress it up” even when the styles change each year.

The truth is that there are no real tricks to decorating your space. If you love what you bring to the table, it can add life to your home. Asking for help is encouraged as no man is an island. Good luck! 

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