How To Perfectly Accent Your Bedroom With Throw Pillows

How To Perfectly Accent Your Bedroom With Throw Pillows


When decorating a stunning bedroom and you want a Pinterest worthy look, you will have to get a few throw pillows to infuse a dash of color and pattern into the mix. No matter what your design, traditional, modern, country or other, if your bed looks dull, add some vibrant or stylish pillows in front of your regular pillows, and voila, you have some character without spending a lot of money to do it. Not just that, accent pillows provide pop for the whole bedroom and a finishing touch that transforms a boring room into an elegant sanctuary.

Where Do You Put Them All?
After you’ve developed your fantastic sanctuary for sleep, and it’s time to head to dreamland, where do you put all those pillows? Toss them on the floor, where they end up being a danger, a bed for the pet dog or a magnet for all of the dust bunnies under your mattress? Or do you put them at the foot of the bed, from where they’ll undoubtedly wind up on the flooring anyhow? Or possibly it’s your partner who has no patience with additional pillows and flings them out each night with a whine of inconvenience. Whatever your scenario, here are some options to assist you end your nighttime pillow battle.

Lower the amount of pillows. 

Some people go overboard and add too many which can be a distraction. The more, the merrier is not a good guideline, as anything over three accent pillows is too much. Get rid of any extras and add them to the living room couch, or in the guest room.

Let them help you sleep. 

If you are at a certain age, you’re most likely no stranger to the pains and discomforts that appear to come out of no place and tend to arrive in the middle of the night. Keeping your legs, hips, and back lined up while you sleep significantly reduces early morning tightness or pain. Use your pillows as nighttime positioners to keep your spinal column aligned: a pillow in between your knees to decrease tension on your hips, a pillow behind your back to provide your spinal column a little bit of additional assistance, and a pillow under your arm to keep your shoulders relaxed. 

Make space for your pillows in a closet. 

If you have a great armoire or closet in your bedroom, conserve a little space for your pillows. Or set them on top of the clothes hamper. Put your pillows in a chest, storage bench, or trunk at the foot of the bed. If you have an ornamental chest or trunk in your bed room, put it to great use! Otherwise your accent pillows will just lay on the ground making your bedroom appear messy. 

Accent pillows are a wonderful addition to any room, but be sure to match their colors and styles so you don’t have a hodgepodge of random styles which can disrupt your overall look and feel.

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