Spruce up your Entry Way

Spruce up your Entry Way

The foyer to your home makes the first impression you and your guests get of the interior of your house. A fresh new look can be achieved.

One idea is that you can open up the space by taking off the closet doors.  Giving the whole area a fresh coat of light color paint will add to the open feel.

Adding easy to reach storage spaces for everything that is needed by the door will help your family keep the entry looking neat.

Consider doing a double row of hooks for coats and scarves, so that youngsters can reach them easily. Add shelves to one side for placing baskets for gloves and knitted hats.

Snowy and rainy days bring their challenges. Place an attractive,  absorbent rug  on the floor and a tray to put the wet boots. Adding an umbrella stand would be handy, too.

Speaking of having to change foot ware, having a place to sit while changing will be appreciated and will add to the comfort level of your home.  The one shown here does double duty since it has storage space built in.

Finish off the new look with a mirror on the wall to check your look, a decorator item on one of the shelves and a pillow on the seating bench.

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