How To Achieve The Most Popular Bedroom Looks

How To Achieve The Most Popular Bedroom Looks


1. British Colonial
This look is inspired by a time in history when colonists from England established extensive outposts in warm-weather locales including Africa, the West Indies, and the Caribbean. This style integrates the natural elements and overall feel of those locales, using tropical cues combined with Victorian staples. The end result is a stunning meld of moods. A certian airiness blends with accents of dark woods, leather, and rattan. For the bedroom, think about using curtain sheers, light bedding, and wicker pieces.

2. Tuscan Tonal
This bedroom design style exudes warmth, but retains a bit of old European stateliness as well. For colors, think yellows, oranges, browns, and reds, all in keeping with the overall sunniness of this look. Furniture tends to be on the heavy side, often featuring a bit of carving or inlays. Distressing on finishes prevents the Tuscany effect from becoming too imposing.

3. Clean Contemporary
Today’s modern bedroom space includes simple lines and classic design elements with a muted palette of browns, grays, black and white tones. Reduced clutter is the name of the game, and mirrors, glass, and innovative fixtures take center stage. Incorporating a bit of texture here and there is a great way to stop the space from feeling too sterile.

4. Of all the bedroom decorating styles available today, one of the most compelling is that which draws influence from Asia. This option tends to utilize dark, lacquered furniture pieces featuring motifs from this part of the world. Natural colors are the palette of the day, with browns, blacks, yellow, and reds often in play. Though furniture pieces may lean toward the ornate, accessories are deliberately and carefully curated. The visual impact of the finished product is serene and restful.

5. Tropical Delights
Combining cheerful colors and light-hearted motifs including trees and birds, a tropical bedroom theme lends a beachy vibe no matter where you call home. Tan, blue, yellow and wicker are all blended to build the sense of being oceanside at any time of the year. The key is to use themed pieces in moderation and not go overboard into the land of kitschiness.

6. Country Coziness
When it comes to choosing a country theme, forget the ruffles, knick-knacks, and pastel hues of days gone by. This style is warm and comfortable with its antique elements and homespun patterns, but that is not to say that it is cutesy or unsophisticated. Furniture elements can remain straightforward and simple, but by adding interest with textiles along the way, the outcome is sure to surprise.

7. Coastal Cool
Even if you live in the heart of the city, a calm, coastal bedroom vibe is still within reach. By using a color scheme of greens, blues, whites, and light neutrals, it is possible to achieve that classic, cheery style with which everyone is familiar. Incorporating natural elements such as shells, seagrass, sisal, and the like is a great way to bring this look to life. Avoid going too heavy on the motifs and stick to a pared down, yet coastal-inspired scheme.

8. Timeless Traditional
Stately, yet inviting, a truly traditional bedroom design has timeless appeal. Matched furniture pieces with hints of enhanced craftsmanship are often used in such spaces, and mainly neutral tones with the occasional pop of color tend to prevail. Classic style can easily be injected in layers by using framed art, throw pillows, lamps, and the like. 

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