Smart Ways To Style A Simple Bedroom

Smart Ways To Style A Simple Bedroom


The best rule of decorating your minimalist bedroom is basic: to please yourself. While you may want to create that picture perfect scene from the latest magazine and accommodate the design into your bedroom, don’t become a slave to advertisements and crush your creative spirit. Above all, don’t spend money unnecessarily. Below are some tips about how you can build and decorate your bedroom while incorporating your personality.

Overall Theme
For a minimalist bedroom, a room that you want to keep simple yet effective and attractive, you need to assess its existing features. Take a look at what style you want to emulate. Is it contemporary, Victorian or Colonial? Is there already a theme that you have established with the current furnishings, wallpapers, window treatments and so on? Whatever you do next, live with the existing theme for a while. This will give you an idea of what needs to be changed and what will be retained. Let your own preference and style be your guide. This will not only save time and energy but lots of money as well. You should be excited about the overall theme and feel comfortable with the style.

Role of Lighting
The type of light bulbs can affect the way your bedroom looks and feels. Does this mean you should change bright halogen lights with soft incandescent bulbs? Absolutely. And you can make dramatic changes in your bedroom by switching from one type of bed lamp to another. Understanding the differences in light bulbs as well as light fixtures can help you select the right light source for that warm and cozy feeling. Always consider the wall color of your bedroom when selecting light. Assess how you will use the bedroom in addition to resting for the night. Include a combination of warm and cool tones depending on the functionality of various corners/areas of your bedroom. Experiment with standalone lights, ceiling lights and bed lamps to create the desired effect.

Different Elements for Different Styles
If you want a traditional looking bedroom, paint or choose furnishings with a cherry or mahogany stain. Contemporary style is about incorporating simple and plain Ikea designed furniture and accessories. Black and white are classic mainstays in a contemporary bedroom. Want a country style bedroom with a relaxed feeling? Mix different finishes with unmatched pieces of accessories.

Coloring The Bedroom
Color has power to evoke memories, create mood and change the perception of the space.
As a rule of thumb, a minimalist bedroom should contain no more than three colors. But if you are set on using more than three colors, use them with elements that are easy to change later. The lighter the color, the more simple it would look. That is another general rule for bedroom walls and floors. Additionally, light colors expand the room, dark colors make the room appear smaller. The stronger the color, the less of it should appear in the bedroom. However, all these rules can be broken by personal preference. 

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