Use These Design Tips To Give Your Bedroom A Beach Inspired Look

Use These Design Tips To Give Your Bedroom A Beach Inspired Look


Do you own a house near the ocean and want to bring some beach vibes to your bedroom? Or maybe you don’t live near the beach but simply love to go there? Either way, these beach inspired bedroom design ideas can help you bring a little sea into your home!

Use Distressed Wood In The Bedroom
There are many types of bedroom decor that you can bring into the bedroom. However, one of the best ways to give your bedroom that beach feel is by using distressed wood. Something as simple as a distressed wood framed mirror can transform any room. If you have a larger budget, you can go with a distressed wood dresser or even a bed!

Go with A Beach-Inspired Color Scheme
When choosing colors for your bedroom, go with a beach-inspired color scheme. Colors that reflect an ocean vibe include seafoam, watery blues, lots of white for balance. Sandy tan is also a color that works well to bring the ocean to the bedroom.

Choose A Natural Look
Beach décor does not have to be expensive! You can decorate your bedroom with a beach theme using natural materials. Natural materials are highly affordable and often easy to find. Use materials such as bamboo, wood, seagrass, and rattan to give your bedroom a unique look.

A Beach Inspired Nursery
If you are looking for a theme for your nursery and love the ocean, why not choose beach bedroom decor? The sky is the limit when choosing your items and color schemes for your new nursery. A seafoam or coral color scheme is both gender neutral, which is always great! Throw in a distressed wood rocking chair for the perfect finish!

Bring In Some Fishing Nets
When looking for unique beach bedroom decor, you cannot go wrong with fishing nets. Fishing nets have been used for decades to add a beach feel to just about any space. So, if you want to feel like you are at the beach while sleeping at night, why not add some fishing nets to your room?

Make A Seashell Shadow Box
We all love combing the beach for seashells! A great way to showcase your finds in the bedroom is by making a seashell shadow box. Many craft stores sell empty shadow boxes. All you have to do is add a beach themed background and some of your most favorite seashells. Hang on the wall to give your bedroom a beach-like feel!

Go Tropical
If you love tropical beaches, you should choose brighter colors for your bedroom. Instead of seafoam or a sandy tan color theme, pick colors that reflect a tropical beach environment. Go with lime greens, reds, and coral colors to help brighten up the room.

Now that you know how to bring the beach into your bedroom, why not get started today? Any of these design ideas listed above will look great in your home! If you need additional inspiration then take a quick trip to the beach and bring the feel home with you.

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