5 Wreaths You Can Hang All Year Long

5 Wreaths You Can Hang All Year Long


Everyone knows that as the holidays approach, more and more people start to hang festive wreaths to decorate their homes. What many people don’t know is that there are some wreaths that can be hung all year round and are designed to be used as a decoration the entire year. These wreaths never go out of style and always look great. Read on to find the five wreaths that you can hang all year long in your home.

Pinecone wreaths
A pinecone wreath is exactly what it sounds like, a wreath made entirely of pinecones and sometimes ribbons. These unique wreaths are festive any time of the year and can be hung in any season to look great in your home. All this wreath needs to function is six to eight pinecones and some ribbon to look great at any time of the year.

Magnolia wreaths
Magnolia wreaths are another type of wreath that can last all year long and look great while not belonging to a specific season or holiday. Depending on where and how you hang your magnolia wreath, it will look great in all seasons. It can be dressed up by being hung with a frame or nice backdrop. Magnolia wreaths are able to survive the winter season and thrive in the warmer months. It’s definitely a unique looking wreath that you should think about using as a decoration all year round if you want something different.

Lavender wreaths
Many people incorporate lavender throughout their house all year round regardless and it looks just as good in a wreath. Lavender wreaths have grown in popularity in the past few years because of their color, smell and effect on your health. Yes, lavender has been known to relax the mind and calm the nerves down. It can be formed into a beautiful lavender colored wreath that looks great every month and can be hung anywhere, inside or outside. It will add a bit of farm style decor to your home that you might have been missing.

Paper wreaths
Not all wreaths need to be made from a plant. Paper wreaths have been popular for a long time because of how long they last and all of the different designs and styles that can be made from them. Many people use neutral colors for the paper leaves, but any color can be used. This is part of the allure of a paper wreath.

Yarn ball wreaths
Yarn ball wreaths are unique in every way. Their design is alluring and the color possibilities are endless. If you want a wreath that you can hang all year round and will always be a conversation starter, the yarn ball wreath is the way to go. You can make your own or you can find them online to purchase.

While it is always nice to have a wreath during the holidays, with these unique wreaths, you can enjoy them all year long in your home. 

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