Nine Ways To Help Your Hall Make A Statement

Nine Ways To Help Your Hall Make A Statement


Decorating the hallway in your home can seem like a challenging task. The way you choose to decorate your hallway has to work in with the rest of the style and decor of your home. In this article, we’ll be discussing nine hall decoration concepts that will work for your space and you. 

Color Scheme
What color you choose for your hallway can have a significant impact on the rest of your home. If your home is darker, you can brighten it up through your hallways. If your house is a tad on the brighter side, create a different mood by adding darker colors in your hallways. Play around with different colors till the right one feels like home to you and flows well together. 

Artwork is another opportunity to spice up a hallway. You can place a shelf beneath fine art or photos to hold family memories from trips. Using various pieces to turn your hallway into a gallery is another great way to utilize space and DIY art. 

Bench or Ladder
Adding things such as a decorative bench or workbench can hold a variety of purposes. A place to put a plant, to put shoes on, or to drop off your bags after a long day. If a bench isn’t your thing, you could add a storage ladder shelving unit. Doing so creates a space to put a few pictures or potted plants, draws guests’ eyes, but also creates a polished and clean look. 

For those that aren’t comfortable with paint, another great option is wallpaper. Wallpaper creates endless ideas for a hallway. You can make bold statements with alternating colors or go for more of a wild theme with a foliage style or an intriguing textured design. 

Add a console
Adding a simple console to your hallway, whether it is a simple slim desk or table, creates storage space for your hall. Remember to keep the console space tidy and organized as a cluttered desk doesn’t give off the best impression as others enter your home. Also be sure that it is slim enough not to block passage through the hallway.

Adding a mirror can brighten up your space if it is a dark space. It can also create length to a short hallway and, add a more modern look. At the end of the hall it also provides a last minute check before heading out the door.

Wall hangings and other furniture for your hall can be expensive. Another way to keep it simple is by adding a rug. Whether it is a long rug or a short one, it can add a pop of color to your traditional hall. 

Whether you have a built-in shelf or add one in, books can add color and wonder to your space without all of the clutter. 


Accents can change a hall like no other. Whether a wall, door, or hooks for hanging, accents create a focal point to an otherwise empty space. 

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