Rug Styles To Consider For A Contemporary House

Rug Styles To Consider For A Contemporary House


Looking for a rug that compliments your contemporary life style? If your home is missing something that stands out, you have come to the right place. This article will go through the top rug styles that stand out in your contemporary home. Perhaps you are renovating or redesigning your home or just adding on to your ideas. A new rug is a great addition and guaranteed to spruce up any room.

There are various different types and styles of rugs depending on what you are looking for and your personal style preferences. Rug shopping is fun to do and the process of decorating your home an important decision. The available construction styles go from tufted to knotted to flat woven. Understanding these styles is something you should definitely look into when buying a new rug and determining how long it will last.

Some contemporary rug styles that are becoming trendy this year are rugs with geometrical patterns such as circles, squares, and triangles. Solid color rugs are also on the rise if you are looking for a simpler look that still stands out. Rugs with bright colors are super hot now. So rather than buying a traditional neutral tone, go out of your comfort zone and get a rug that speaks for itself and makes an eye catching statement. Bold colors can make your furniture pop and take your home to a whole new level. These rug styles can work in a living room or dining room area. Adding colors that pop, give your home more life. 

If you plan on putting a rug in a bigger setting, rugs with patterns can really enhance the look of any room. Another popular style are rugs with texture. These rugs can add definition to a room and make your contemporary space a little edgy. Persian rugs are coming back. Their rustic look can pop in your home and bring the eyes attention to your furniture or surroundings.

Multicolored cotton rugs can be refusing in any location within your home. These rugs look good by an entryway, a kitchen, a bathroom, etc. Their colors can be super fun and pop anywhere. If you are looking to place a rug outside of your home, wool rugs make a great choice. They are soft, warm, and colorful. They even look good in children playrooms. They come in all colors and design or patterns. This rug style is naturally stain-resistant due to it producing natural oils that prevent dirt was adhering into the surface.

Cotton rugs have to be the most popular rug type of all due to them being the most affordable. To spice up your living area even more, play around with your rug placement. Try placing the rug where a rug would not usually be placed and see how it looks. Handcrafted rugs can be expensive; however, they are absolutely beautiful to have in your home. These rugs are guaranteed to last for a long time. 

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