6 Ideas for Storage

6 Ideas for Storage

Whether you live in a small apartment or a larger home, more storage space always seems to be needed.  Here are a few ideas to help.

1-To help eliminate a cluttered look in the bathroom, put your daily medicines and vitamins in a basket in the bathroom cabinet. Make it a basket with an easy to grab handle.  This also well works for make-up and hair care products.  No space in the cabinet?  Use a covered basket on the counter.

2-Recently stores have been selling square cloth baskets that are great for storing various items.  They come in various colors to blend with any decor. These are designed to fit on a shelf and look like a drawer. Use them for toys in a child’s room, magazines in the living room, or on a closet shelf for sweaters or towels.

3-Most kitchens seem to have a “junk drawer”.  To get rid of the junky look and make things easier to find try keeping items like batteries and kitchen gadgets organized by using drawer dividers and small baskets.

4-Making light bulbs quick and easy to locate can be a challenge.  A basket is also good for holding your light bulb collection.  Be sure to place the collection in a place that can be accessed in the dark to avoid stubbing toes!

5-Knives will stay sharp longer if you store them on the wall.  To do this buy a magnetic knife holder and mount to the wall near your favorite work surface.  This can also hold your kitchen scissors. Some models even come with hooks to hold other kitchen utensils, too.

6-For storing extra clothes, blankets and pillows get the vacuum storage bags.  Once you have the items in the bags you can store them under the bed, or even in the garage.  These are also handy to use when packing for a trip to conserve space in the suit case.

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