3 Stylish Possibilities For Your Bathroom Wall Surfaces

3 Stylish Possibilities For Your Bathroom Wall Surfaces


The walls in your bathroom are different from walls in other parts of the house. In living spaces, bedrooms, and other totally dry locations, any kind of wall covering will work. Even in kitchen areas, which are mainly dry, can have practically any kind of wall covering. Backsplashes can be installed to safeguard crucial locations in cooking areas, however in the bathroom, water can come from nearly all directions. Moisture and wetness from both the direct shower overspray along with moisture-laden air, can ravage restroom walls. Vent fans do assist, however even well-ventilated bathrooms can have concerns about moisture. Therefore some of your wall surface choices can seem to be a little more limiting, but with these three choices you will love the way your bathroom looks.

Ceramic or Glass Tile

Ceramic or glass tile is a traditional option for restroom walls. With tile, as long as it is appropriately used, wetness will never ever be an issue. Since the days of the ancient Romans, tile has actually been utilized even for standing-water surface areas such as the within bath tubs and swimming pools. Style is your primary factor to consider. All tile has grout, and grout implies lines. Lines produce patterns that can either improve or diminish the restroom’s look. Too many tiles can make a space feel hectic, ponderous, sterilized, and even dismaying. Partly tiling the wall is a great compromise. Ceramic tile utilized as wainscot typically stops at a particular point on the wall, around 36 to 38 inches.

Bead board

Bead board supplies partial protection for the lower half of the wall. However the lower area is the most vital part when it pertains to wetness issues. Bead board can be painted with semi-gloss or shiny paint, which completely secures the lower parts of the walls to protect against moisture. For a much easier setup, purchase panels of bead board that are 8 feet by 4 feet. Installed lengthwise, these long boards can be added rapidly with building and construction glue and surface nails. For a more refined and traditionally precise appearance, pick custom bead board slabs. For typically styled restrooms, bead board fits right in. For modern-day restrooms, bead board can runs out location and ungainly.


Initially tileboard looks like ceramic tile. Tileboard can be found in big format panels that let you set up 32 square feet of wall covering that looks nominally like tile in simply a couple of minutes. Better quality tileboard provides a more detailed appearance to genuine ceramic tile and the wear surface area is covered, it prevents moisture. Inexpensive and simple to set up, tileboard is best utilized for a visitor restroom or basement restroom due to its cost-effective look. Tileboard is a great product that repairs wall issues rapidly however includes little long-lasting worth to your house.

One disadvantage to tileboard is that it quickly swells and will not recuperate its initial measurements if water reaches the back of it. One method to prevent this issue is to keep all joints and edges caulked with bathroom-grade silicone caulk.

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