Ideas To Decorate The Walls In Your Dining Room

Ideas To Decorate The Walls In Your Dining Room


A well-designed dining room will not only improve the way you live in, but also transform your everyday tasks and make it enjoyable with your family and friends. It is therefore important to learn about the various ways of designing and decorating your dining room walls. With the ideas below, you can not only prepare your dining room for commonplace chore, but also a hub for social occasions and shared activities.

Conventional Paint
Wall paint color is one of the greatest decorating tools for a dining room. It is also one of the hardest things to choose, change or match with other elements of the room. You may want to stick with neutral, light or white when selecting paint color. You could also opt for colors that match with cabinets in the adjacent room such as kitchen or family room. If you are more daring, you could color the wall with dark shades. However, avoid trendy colors that make the room look smaller than it actual is. Some colors date the dining room, and others can create an unpleasant look and feel, so choose carefully.

Colorful Wallpaper
Wallpaper is another option for those thinking about redesigning their dining rooms. Consider the type of wallpaper to use. Any type that is not washable should be out of the question. Over time, dust, grease and food particles from fallen food items accumulate without obvious signs. No matter how airy the space is, or how well the ventilation works, spills and spatters can ruin the ambience of a dining room. Germs can grow in unwanted spaces even if you took meticulous care with cleaning and scrubbing the dining space.

Fortunately, it is easy to find wallpaper materials that are designed to hold up and survive the daily use better than ever before. Some wallpaper glues contain mild resistant properties, which is an added plus if your dining room doesn’t have enough ventilation. Wallpapers are also easy to change when needed.

Fine Art
Using captivating fine arts is another way to decorate your dining room walls. Two major factors that influence the type of fine art are the size of the room and location. For a small dining room, a large fine art with bold color may make it appear too busy. On the other hand, art with subtle colors make the room appear at its best. Ideally, there should exist a correlation among the wall color and pattern that run from one room to another. Look for an artwork that can carry your theme through.

In essence, before you purchase fine art, review the theme, the sight line and features from outside the dining room. Choose artwork that is pleasant to the eyes when you are at the table for a meal. In other words, avoid arts containing gory details, nudity or abusive language. 

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