Rejuvenate Old Windows As Decor For Your Walls

Rejuvenate Old Windows As Decor For Your Walls


There is nothing quite like a DIY project to spruce up your wall decor with a set of old windows. Instead of relying on store-bought wall decor, you can give old windows a new life as a decorative mirror, artful display, or even increase your shelving space in your home. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, paint, and some elbow grease.

Farmhouse Style Shelving and Coat Hook
If you have a country-style or traditional home display a piece of the pastoral life with a repurposed old window. Vintage windows made from wood frames that expose chipped paint look best, or give your window a new stain. Add some vintage slabs of wood for small shelves to display knick-knacks and add coat hooks at the bottom to hang keys, scarves, and jackets. A farmhouse-style shelve and coat hook made from an old window looks great in a foyer or mudroom.

Multi-framed Mirror
Instead of opting for a store-bought mirror that is round or square, why not enjoy multiple mirrors in your home? Create a more intriguing wall by placing small mirrors, or frosting the glass of an old window with a reflective material. Place your new vintage window frame mirror in an entryway, living room, or hallway to brighten up your space and let you check up on your appearance before dashing out for work or play.

A Vintage Frame for Photos or Artwork
Move over traditional gallery frames or photobooks, opt for an antique window frame turned into a work of art. You can display treasured family photos, found vintage photos, or crafty displays on paper of pressed flowers or doodles in the individual windowpanes.

Window Turned Into a Message board
Forget reaching for a pen and sticky note to post a message for loved ones at home. Transform an old mirror into a message board by either painting the windowpanes with chalkboard paint or install cork in its place. You can pin notes to the corkboard, scribble down important to-do lists in the chalkboard panels, or mix and match both. Hang this type of wall decor display in the kitchen or right by the front door.

Create a Welcome Space for Plants
Have fun changing up the look of an old window by installing eye hooks to hang planters from inside the frame, or add some shelves to display your green, leafy babies. Your home will thank you for the unique plant display, and the air will be fresher and cleaner.

Welcome Guests with a Wreath Display
When the holidays come around, why not create a more inviting atmosphere with an old window as wall decor? You can give a window a new lease on life with a festive coat of paint and add a hook to hang a wreath. Use this as the perfect place to display decorations for X-mas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. 

With these innovative ideas you can repurpose old windows into great wall décor.

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